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We are committed to making music lessons and groups as affordable as possible to the widest audience. We have a range of fee assistance options as we understand that support is sometimes necessary. Please contact us to discuss the options available.

  • West Berkshire Greenham Trust Music Bursary

    The bursary itself contributes £70 per term towards the cost of music activities with Berkshire Music Trust (lessons/ensembles). £60 of the bursary comes from the Greenham Trust and £10 is from Berkshire Music Trust. To qualify your child must not be in receipt of Pupil Premium and you must have a gross household monthly income of less than £3,900 per calendar month (or £46,800pa).

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  • Pupil Premium/SEN

    If your child is in receipt of Pupil Premium or Service Pupil Premium, you will be eligible for a 70% discount on lesson and activity fees.  After applying for lessons, please ask your child’s school to confirm their status by contacting us.

  • SEND

    If your child has an EHCP or an IEP, or would benefit from individual lessons due to additional needs, you could be eligible to receive an individual lesson at the group lesson rate.  After applying, please contact our finance team with the relevant evidence of need.

  • Tax Credits/Income Support

    Families in receipt of these benefits might be eligible for a 70% discount on lesson and activity fees.  After applying, please email us with your most recent full benefit calculation document and we will confirm if you qualify.

  • BMT Bursary 

    We seek to support as many children and young people as possible and have a dedicated fund that can be utilised for extraneous and short-term hardship needs.  Please do reach out for support to enable the continuation of your child’s lessons/activities.

  • Other Support

    Looked After Children and Asylum Seekers are eligible for 100% remission on lessons and activities.



“My son is lucky enough to be one of the children who receives the bursary, which helps funds his piano lessons. This in turn means I am able to afford to pay for him to have singing lessons and be part of the choir too. I am grateful to the Greenham Trust for the opportunity they have given my son.”

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Mother of a Greenham Trust Bursary student

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